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Organic farming is rapidly becoming the most accepted system of commercial agriculture around the world. All the countries both developed and developing are adopting the organic agriculture process as their mainstream agricultural system. Organic agriculture means use of fertilizers , supplements , insecticides which are derived only from natural & organic sources . It should not contain any artificial chemical or poisonous element as it’s content. The crops which are grown organically are full of original nutritional values and are completely devoid of harmful effects of chemicals and poisons.

We at USHA AGRO FERTILIZER are committed towards safe and healthy agriculture. We have come up with a number of research derived agricultural products which are manufactured with ingredients derived entirely from organic sources. All of them are certified for organic farming. We are constantly trying to improve and improvise our product through constant communication with the farmers and effort from our agronomists. We are also promoting the use and consumption of organic food products by making available organic , food grains , pulses , vegetables ,fruits & fish through our website , thus spreading the organic food habit among the urban consumers. We at USHA AGRO are happy to play Our humble role to take India towards a healthy and organic future.