Be a Partner, Work with us

Hereby We Introduce USHA AGRO as a company dedicated to the promotion of safe healthy and organic way of agriculture. We have more than a decade of OEM experience and have thorough understanding of the market. Currently we plan to launch our own brand to directly cater our product through farming community.

Our flagship product is a research derived bio organic manure fertilizer which contains a mixture of manure & benevolent bacteria. We also have products like Growth promoter, Organic insecticide,

Tricoderma Viride etc.

Our company is looking for area wise distributors to spread our product throughout the length and breadth of the country.

The terms & Conditions dictating the terms is as follows.

Role of a Distributor.

To ensure the spread of our products throughout the area of distribution place. Normally, the work area of a distributor should be around 30kms radius around the place of distribution, more area may be considered as per capacity of the distributor and nature of the area.

Distributor has to promote the product to local retail shops , farmers and other prospective buyer , wherever necessary,

Distributor has to keep ample stock of the company’s product range to ensure prompt & smooth delivery of product.

Distributor has to arrange secure & safe storage of the products under a condition that is generally accepted as required for storage of similar product. A godown space of 600 sq. ft. with access for normal goods truck (15 – 25) ton is preferable.

Distributor has to arrange for local delivery along with transport at his own cost, any exception may be considered .

Distributor should undertake some local publicity initiative that is within his scope and as deemed necessary.

Should be in regular touch with the company and to be ready with accurate data about stock , sales , collection , banking etc.

Role of the Company

The company will undertake all marketing and promotional efforts that are required to promote profitable business in the area.

Company will ensure smooth and consistent supply and production of the product and ensure good quality ,

The company will recruit marketing personnel for the area of distribution or provide a person who will devote towards the marketing of the company.

The company will arrange for required POP materials like posters, banners leaflets etc.

The company will participate in local events like fares, exhibition as per recommendation & analytical need of the distributor.

The company will attend to farmer meet and awareness programs as arranged by the distributor.

The company will keep a constant relation with Govt. agricultural officials like ADA s, KPSS s etc.

Financial & Commercial Commitments

The security deposit for distribution is Rs. 10000.00

The minimum criterion for distributorship is to lift 15 tons of fertilizer (300 bags @ 50 Kg bag) & other products @ 50 ltr. / 50 Kg. as per requirement.

All transactions will be in advance payment basis for a period of 1 (one) year, afterwards a credit period & credit limit will be fixed considering the transaction volume of the distributor.

We request you to kindly go through the above points thoroughly, and call us for any clarification on any of the points. We hope for a long lasting and mutually profitable relationship in future.